Vinyl banners are the perfect choice for any event. In London, where events are held almost every day, you can advertise your business (or the event itself) with one of our custom vinyl banners that is perfectly printed for your business. Our banners have been used for:

* Photo shoot backdrops

* Parades

* School events

* Grand openings

* Conferences

* Conventions

* Trade shows

* Meetings

The scale and brightness of a vinyl sign draws the eye. Your ad gives potential customers something to study, read or be entertained by as they move slowly through a mass of people, stand in lines, or wait for the event to begin.


Beyond advertising your business name/service via an attractive window, door or wall decal, you can also use our easily removable vinyl decals to advertise temporary specials or experiment with new slogans without having to worry about time-consuming removal procedures.

Stickers and decals can be designed to your specifications and placed however and wherever you desire. If, for example, you decide that you want to host an event at your premises, we can simply install the vinyl and apply it in the desired position, then take it down entirely to be replaced by an updated sign without the hassle of removal.

At Need For Style , your ideas for custom vinyl can be as wide as your imagination. We use the finest quality materials to create lasting and durable custom vinyl and custom stickers. Our stores can create classic stickers designed for short-term temporary use. Or we can produce longer lasting decals that resist weather and graffiti!