By stopping virtually all UV rays, window tinting provides an effective barrier for your skin against harmful effects of the sun like skin cancer and vision impairment.


Whether its direct sun, headlights, reflection from the elements, or surrounding buildings. Glare is not only annoying, but can also be dangerous if it blinds your vision. Window tinting allows you to reduce the glare in your line of sight.


Window tinting blocks 99% of UV rays while also significantly reducing heat. Reducing these two factors of fading helps to protect your vehicle's interior.


We use only top-of-the-line window tinting film to not only meet your expectations but surpass them.

At Need for Style we install window tinting for both vehicles and building windows. We are your all-in-one solution for all window tinting applications, Vehicle Styling, Decorative Frosted Film, Anti-Graffiti and Sun Control applications.
Need For Style has installed window tinting to some of most iconic and high profile buildings in Europe. The biggest buildings, largest retailers and sensitive government installations trust Window Tint LA to deliver high quality film installations on time and on budget.
We invite you to explore our website or to grab the phone and call one of our friendly and knowledgeable team to learn more about the services we provide, or simply to learn about how much good can come to your home or business simply through the use of quality window tints!

Frequently Asked Questions

Some advises and extra information for you.

Most film manufacturers as LLumar, 3M, Suntek give recommendation to do window tinting on your car in Spring time because it is neither too hot nor too cold which creates a good conditions for window film. Also customers tend to forget that they need to grant their cars an allowance time after tinting before they can use it again. Window tinting takes time to fit, but it also takes time to dry out the moisture left in the tint film. It usually takes two (2) to three (3) days to completely cure. In colder weather, it can take up to several weeks for tint to fully dry. This is why it is more perfect to have your car tinted during spring when the weather is sunnier. It provides the tint a better chance to dry rapidly or at least in a temperature controlled tint shop.

There are several ways how you can find a good window tinting shop. One and on my opinion the best way it's if you ask for an advice some of you friend, who recently did his car. He can give you recommendation and share his experience with you.
Other way, most popular today, it is with web search engine such as Google or Bings or Yahoo. Simple google window tinting in London or if you want to see shops close to you just type window tinting near me. Disadvantage – you will see so many varieties that would be difficult to choose yours. And again, Google helps us. Before choosing where exactly to tint your car try to compare different types of them. Read low stars and high stars reviews, check how long the company has been on the market, how many years of experience installers have, what film they are using and the most important do they give guarantee and receipt on the end of done job.
And the last, you might consider having a look for professional window tinting in London on Facebook Market Place, Instagram or Gumtree. Advantages that there mostly advertising local, small companies. And all of us know that local business takes care about each client as it is its future. With local tinting shop you don’t need to spend whole day on a phone to speak with customer services. And you can book your slot in many cases in your preferable time as they are not so busy. Minus, you are not sure 100% that the film that they are using are quality and ordered from registered supplier in the United Kingdom. Do they accept card payments? Plus, not all of them offer guarantee so maintenance fee might be on you, even if its them fault.