Vinyl wraps are ideal for giving your vehicle a new look with 100% reversibility. We are NOT a vinyl shop. We are a custom vehicle shop. Don’t be mistaken getting a vehicle wrap from a sign shop. We strive for perfect installs. NO SEAMS. NO WRINKLES. We can wrap accents on your vehicle or apply full colour changes. Our installs also think ahead and make sure that we don’t have any deep cut marks upon removal. We only use the highest quality material available on the market. We are not limited to just cars. We can do vinyl wraps for motorcycles, boats and business vehicles. Basically anything!

Vehicle wraps create a distinctive and cool look on any vehicle. They come in carbon fiber looks, brushed metal, matte colors, and high gloss colors. Motorsports are finding value in the wraps. The vinyl used in designing the wrap is a preferred option because it is lighter than paint. Which is important when speed is of the essence.

The cost of the wrap is about half the cost of a comparable paint job. Paint can’t reproduce many of the styles. Vinyl wraps wear as well, if not better than paint, with proper care. Repairing scratches, or accident damage, requires no costly colour-matching paint fee. It’s hard to distinguish wraps from a paint job. Painting the entire vehicle is not necessary. Lone stripes, mirrors, roof, or hood applications are possible. Vinyl is harder to scratch and more durable than matte paint. Hide scratches and dings to refresh the look of the vehicle.


When it comes to cost-effectiveness, nothing beats custom wraps. Unlike customized paint jobs that require you to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars, custom vehicle wraps are easy to install, easy to replace, and easy on the pocket.

For affordable custom wraps, you’ll find no better then Need For Style in London

If you want wraps that have been customized to look ten times better than pricy paint jobs, Need For Style is truly the company to beat.


At Need For Style, we work strategically with each of our customers to ensure their designs come to life.

We talk about how you want your vehicle wrap to look like, what it should represent and what style want to achieve with it. We can also provide you samples of our previous works and our entire portfolio to help you determine which design styles would best fit your individual style.

Once you have decided on the perfect design for your vehicle, our artists and technicians will then move ahead with manufacturing the graphics you’ve requested and prepping your vehicle.

We put revisions to work if there are any, but if there’s none then we can finally proceed to the manufacturing process. Once the vehiclewrap has been printed, we will then assign our expert technicians to ensure proper and problem-free installation.

Contact expert installers at Need For Style today for a professional and seamlessly fast service.

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